Warrior Love

Stage – 1 [Horse Racing] Ride the horses with our warrior and collect the "LOVE" letters also without getting hurt by the obstacles to complete the level. Game will end when the 3 life get vanished.

About War Horses: Horses is wonderful. a real war horses are called Warrior. horses behavior is very most important in horse racing. horses should help to complete this horse racing

Stage – 2 [Archery Game] Pass through the arrows to survive to the next stage and also collect the "LOVE" letters. If the life bar gets empty the game ends.

About Arrows Fall: Arrows fall is one of archery game.it's very dangerous because arrows will attack any area and any time. help to warrior to cross arrows fall.

Stage – 3 [Kissing Game] Romance with the spouse without getting noticed by others . If the 3 lives are gone then the game ends.

Enjoy with warrior love:reign of love!

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Project Description

Help the Gonzalo or Savas warrior to reach their spouse to fall in love by completing the 2 stages [Horse Racing] [Arrows Fall] . In the 3rd stage let them romance without getting noticed by others.

Project Details

Date: 30.10.2014
Client: Have Funs